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Land use planning in an optional form of Weber County government

Over the decades, different County Commissions of our three-commissioner form of Weber County government have dealt with land use planning in Ogden Valley quite differently. Prior to about 1998, we were allowed to elect our planning commissioners and I don't recall the county commissioners ever overriding a decision of our "Township Planning Commissions" (we had three). Then around 2000, the county commissioners eliminated the township scheme and created a single appointed  Planning Commission for Ogden Valley (another one for the rest of unincorporated Weber County). Now for almost two decades of this approach we have seen County Commissions sometimes agree with the decisions of our Planning Commission (most of the time) and sometimes reverse them entirely. I certainly remember the recent override of our General Plan...from "NO bonus density" to "bonus density if...". Currently, it works like this: Our Planning Commission makes recommendations to th