To change from our current form (three commissioners) to one of the optional forms these steps must occur, and some are underway:
  1. September 11, 2018 the county commissioners unanimously approved a resolution to put this question on the November 2019 ballot: "Shall a study committee be appointed to consider and possibly recommend a change in Weber County's form of government?"  
  2. Beginning September, 2018 a small "research group", an outgrowth of the Weber County Forward effort that fielded the citizen's petition, will coordinate through WSU's Walker Institute. As I understand it, the group's purpose is to begin the homework process as input to the Study Committee, and to create an informed public before we vote next November. I have agreed to be a member of this group.
  3. If Weber County voters approve the "whether to study" question in November, 2019, a study committee will be appointed to look at the current form and create an optional Plan, but only if it strengthens county government, or improves responsiveness or accountability to the people, or significantly improves government efficiency. The Plan is fairly detailed, including county organization, compensation, budget, etc. Importantly the committee "...shall hold public hearings and community forums and other means the committee considers appropriate to disseminate information and stimulate public discussion of the committee's purposes, progress, and conclusions..."
  4. Citizens must vote to approve the Plan: "Shall Weber County adopt the alternate form of government known as the(insert the proposed form of government) that the study committee has recommended?"


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